Customizer MS Script Changes

Product Group:
Sage MAS 90 and 200
Product Affected:
Customizer Version 4.10
December 15, 2005
Customizer MS Script Changes

MS Scripts are added to a Sage MAS 90 and 200 panel by adding an External Link button. MS Script is a type of external link with support provided for VBScript, JavaScript, and PvxScript.

For Sage MAS 90 and 200 panels not using the new object-oriented architecture, the variables passed into and returned from a script are based on the control names in the customized library. With the new object-oriented libraries, scripting is based on the business objects available to the panel.

The following tables show examples of corresponding variables in the Sales Order Entry version 3.71 and 4.10 libraries. The version 3.71 variables represent controls on the panel. The version 4.10 variables are composed of a business object name plus a column name from the business object main table.

Version 3.71
Version 4.10
pHEADER Variables
ML_CUST$ SO_SalesOrder_bus_CustomerNo$
ML_ORDER_DATE$ SO_SalesOrder_bus_OrderDate$
CB_PRNT_PKSHTS$ SO_SalesOrder_bus_PrintPickingSheets$
ML_TERMS$ SO_SalesOrder_bus_TermsCode$


Version 3.71
Version 4.10
pLINES Variables
ML_ITEM$ SO_SalesOrderDetail_bus_ItemCode$
ML_ORDERED SO_SalesOrderDetail_bus_QuantityOrdered
ML_PRICE SO_SalesOrderDetail_bus_UnitCost
ML_LN_WHSE$ SO_SalesOrderDetail_bus_WarehouseCode$


Customizer and Script Changes

Download the updated Sage MAS 90 or 200 version 4.10-compatible Customizer from and refer to the Tip, CM4004-T.

Customizer Changes

For object-oriented libraries, the External Link Definition window has been enhanced to display business object columns instead of panel controls.

MS Script Variable Selection

The MS Script Variable Selection window displays business objects and their columns. The business object name determines the variable name used in an MS Script. Business object names consist of “_bus”, followed by an underscore and the column name. For example, the customer number column in the main Sales Order Entry business class is named as follows:


Note: Customizer includes a dollar sign at the end of string variables to distinguish them from numeric variables; however, VBScript and Jscript do not use the dollar sign in the scripts.

External Link Definition

The External Link Definition window no longer displays the Numeric check boxes, because Customizer can determine whether the variable is numeric based on the business object name.

Note: The Return check box is available only if the corresponding variable is not a display-only object.

Script Changes

Scripts written using control names must now use the business object variables for object-oriented libraries.

UDFs created under the new object-oriented architecture are now named differently also, so script references to UDFs must be changed. The following table shows an example of the UDF names.

Version 3.71 UDF Name Version 4.10 UDF Name
DE 60853 - PER 94768
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