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Resolution Details

Resolution ID 506665

Resolution Details

"Printer Not Activated, Error Code -41", "Printer Code Not Activated, -30", or "Printer Activated -20" when printing to Paperless Office in Sage ERP MAS 90 and 200

"Printer Not Activated, Error Code -41", "Printer Not Activated, Error Code -30", or "Printer Not Activated, Error Code -20" when printing to Paperless Office

Entry Type: Informational

Sage ERP MAS 90
Sage ERP MAS 200
Sage MAS 90 Extended Enterprise Suite
Sage MAS 200 Extended Enterprise Suite

Application: Paperless Office 

Version Reported: 4.30, 4.40 


One of the following errors occur when printing to Paperless Office:

Possible Resolution:

The "Printer Not Activated" error message can have several causes. Primary causes include the Sage PDF Converter or the components associated with the converter including the Printer Object itself (in Windows), the Windows Registry components, and .dll files that control it. Note that the Test PDF Converter button in Paperless Office Advanced Options is no longer an option to test the PDF Converter. To test the converter, print one each of a report, journal/register, and a form in a test company (for example, ABC).

Reinstall Workstation Setup to create the Sage PDF Converter and appropriate .dll files on the workstation.
Note: The setup process may not complete successfully due to missing components or permissions on the workstation.

  1. Verify Sage PDF Converter on the workstation:
    1. Click the Start button, point to Printers and Faxes (or Devices and Printers).
    2. If the Sage PDF Converter does not display, use the installation process in the Paperless Office Advanced Options. For more information, see How to install and uninstall the PDF Converter
      Note: If the converter does not install, view the Converter Installation Log using the Paperless Office Advanced Options to determine why. For 64-bit operating systems, verify LM-4046T or LM-4045T is installed.
  2. Verify that the following .DLL files are installed on the server and workstation:
  3. For Sage ERP MAS 90 and 200 4.30 systems, verify that LM-4041T is installed. For more information, see the related article below.
  4. Remove the 4.20 version of Paperless Office (Sage Extended Solutions):
  5. In Crystal Reports, verify "Converted to version 4.30" displays in Summary Info.
    1. Open the report options window.
    2. Click the Save arrow, and then click Designer to open Crystal Reports.
    3. On the File menu, click Properties.
    4. In the Keywords field, verify the text Converted to versions 4.30 displays. Add the text if necessary, and save the report.
      Note: The actual version should reflect the current installed version of Sage ERP MAS 90 or 200.
  6. If the workstation or server has a 64-bit operating system installed, verify that LM-4046T (4.30) or LM-4045T (4.40) are installed. For details, see the Related Articles section below.
  7. Verify permissions for the following keys in the Registry (at the Workstation level):
    1. Click the Start button, click Run, and enter Regedit
    2. Navigate to the Hotkey Current Config / Software Key.
    3. Right-click Software key, and then click Permissions.
    4. Select Full Control for Everyone listed in this box, and then click Apply.
  8. Verify the Sage PDF Converter registry key is in place:
    1. Click the Start button, click Run, and enter Regedit
    2. Navigate to the Hotkey Current Config / Software / Sage PDF Converter key.
      1. Uninstall and reinstall the converter through the Paperless Office Advanced Options menu.
      2. Export the key from a working workstation (of the same operating system), and import it into the affected system.
      3. After making changes, test print a report to verify Paperless Office functions properly.

Note: If you do not have access to another working workstation or these registry keys, contact Sage Customer Support to provide copies for you. If the keys are not created during the installation of the PDF converter, the registry keys are not being created (due to network permissions or antivirus software).

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